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Orange, CT
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We should have 1Gps fiber

I've reached a point where my LTE is faster than my cable internet at home. Verizon has no intentions of deploying 1Gbps fiber in the immediate future. If they were "ready and willing", they would be offering it right now. You would literally be able to call them up and order it.

Nice try, Verizon. As for the Google Fiber situation, why be mad at Google? They're the ones pushing this whole fiber thing the hardest. And look what the other ISPs are doing in those areas, they're losing customers because they offer a poor value paired with a crappy infrastructure. The fact that so many ISP's/telco's/cableco's are dwelling on copper is the only thing stopping widespread fiber adaptation. Copper will not be sustainable in the long run, but nobody wants eat the initial upfront costs of deploying fiber... except for Google, who had no fucking copper infrastructure to begin with in any of the towns they deployed fiber to. Then, they decide to modestly start rolling out cheap, fast fiber. $70 for 1Gbit/1Gbit? They're setting an example of how the internet should be.

Saddest part: I'll still be using bullshit cable with no upstream and marginally faster downstream in 5 years. And my bill will have gone up!


said by Elite:

I've reached a point where my LTE is faster than my cable internet at home.

It's funny you say this because my cell phone gets about twice the download speed as my home internet, and 4-5 times the upload speed.

Granted, it's under extremely restrictive usage caps.


El Paso, TX
reply to Elite
It's simple really, the technology is there for 1gbps now, and in a year or two they'd be able to deliver at least twice that for the same cost of deployment. And i'm being conservative here, because fiber is actually about 2x faster than moore's law when it comes to the over time speed increases.
The technology is there, the problem is they'll never give it to us. So we're going to have to take matters into our own hands...
And there is where the problem lies. Because we can't. We can't just run our own cables with out permission from the government. So it's going to take a WiFi like approach to the problem. But instead of being the last few feet, it needs to become a last mile solver. This will be possible a lot sooner than people realize.


Etobicoke, ON

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reply to aciddrink
said by aciddrink:

Granted, it's under extremely restrictive usage caps.

Exactly, making the connection practically useless for much of anything.