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Bay, AR
reply to wftomlin1

Re: Home Fusion disconnects

I have to say. I finally gave in today and called Customer Support. They are sending a tech out tomorrow because my internet just crapped out, surprisingly right after I hit my 50% usage mark.

The sucker isn't even working anymore, stuck on connecting and when it does connect, it says Connected for like 2 minutes, then drops signal and says connecting again. Remind you, even when connected, it wasn't connected at all. I couldn't do anything at all.

The only reason I still have internet right now is because I kept my old WISP connection running since it was only $25 a month. It might be shit, but it still keeps me connected to the interwebs.

P.S. Thankfully, I had red the fine print when I signed up and got the Insurance or I wouldn't even have this internet anymore. I would have cancelled my contract then and there and would have told them to shove it if they charged me the cancellation fee for something that hasn't been working for almost 2 days.


Edgewood, TX
reset the HBR (router) to factory settings and see if that clears it up. Every once and a while I drop connection and then access the HBR and it says the Cantenna is Unreachable. After I reset the router to factory settings, it connects and the connection stays up for a day or so before I get the usual connection drop which comes back up in about 10 mins.

Nearly half way through Feb. I hope they have a firmware fix for this by month's end. Else I'm going to demand that they give me a $20-$30 discount each month for using crappy hardware.


Bay, AR
Sadly, already tried it. Didn't work. Hopefully, the tech coming tomorrow will be able to do something for me. Like I said, I'm thankful I got the insurance when I started using HomeFusion or I would have just canceled the insurance then and there when it dropped.