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DCM476 - High Ping Times

Hi all,

It seems after a couple days (maybe weeks) my DCM476 modem slows down. Ping times to sites like Google reach 300 - 400ms and things feel sluggish.

Rebooting the modem fixes the issue and pings return back down to 8ms.

Is there a way to reboot the modem remotely - via the web interface or a hidden URL?

Anyone else experiencing problems with the DCM476 modem?

My firmware on the modem is:

Status Code: Operational
Software Version: STAC.02.50
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.1



Gloucester, ON
I don't have ping issues I use the same modem and firmware version as you but I have noticed that the load speed on videos if very bad during peak hours lately. About 10x slower than what they are during non peak hours. Hopefully TSI can fix the problem soon.


Load speed of videos is a known issue ... I think it has to do with Teksavvy's overloaded video proxy?

However, this is different in the fact that everything slows down. Once I reboot, ping speed return to normal.


Kitchener, ON
Both when you run into this problem and when it is working, it would likely be helpful to people to start tracing the issue with a few things. These are:

1) Your modem's RF signal status. You can obtain this by pointing your web browser to » then clicking on "Diagnostics". In particular, the information they will want should look like this:

* If you need help capturing this, I'd be more than happy to give you the details on how to do this. All I would need to know is what operating system you're running.

2) A trace route to the server in question. It would be helpful to have one both when its working, and when the problem is happening. This will likely help in showing where exactly that the problem is happening. To do this, open a command prompt window, then (assuming its Google you're having the problem with) use the command "tracert" (without the quotes).

3) The location you are in, and if you're able to be more specific, which POI that you're on.

This may help sniff out where the problem may be.


Ping times are high again for me, I have not rebooted in 2 - 3 weeks:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 0.724 ms 0.580 ms 0.527 ms
2 ( 50.867 ms 171.868 ms 570.840 ms
3 ( 1071.587 ms 455.122 ms 33.305 ms
4 ( 43.116 ms 50.126 ms 201.895 ms
5 ( 124.762 ms 61.796 ms 388.881 ms
6 ( 120.149 ms 65.654 ms 93.284 ms
7 ( 18.248 ms 161.894 ms 542.391 ms
8 ( 242.243 ms 60.350 ms 95.380 ms
9 ( 63.098 ms 71.334 ms 215.485 ms

and another:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 0.933 ms 0.680 ms 0.676 ms
2 ( 209.811 ms 56.660 ms 51.804 ms
3 ( 33.922 ms 11.778 ms 20.556 ms
4 ( 167.829 ms 247.993 ms 101.693 ms
5 ( 249.579 ms 339.675 ms 90.367 ms
6 ( 90.062 ms 13.340 ms 38.051 ms
7 ( 329.831 ms 28.876 ms 139.874 ms
8 ( 64.396 ms 658.535 ms 55.098 ms
9 ( 14.509 ms 33.362 ms 21.436 ms

Located in Richmond Hill.

North York, ON
OP's got local node congestion.

Modem reboots aren't gonna fix that.
-- Tech Support MVP


So I'm basically screwed?


reply to resa1983
I just rebooted my modem... and now ping times to Google have dropped from 300ms to 10ms, back to normal.

Any one know why my modem gets slower and slower?

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.122 ms 0.611 ms 0.557 ms
2 ( 7.267 ms 6.711 ms 8.440 ms
3 ( 11.940 ms 9.826 ms 29.635 ms
4 ( 8.385 ms 6.793 ms 8.401 ms
5 ( 10.180 ms 8.631 ms 7.692 ms
6 ( 7.891 ms 9.165 ms 10.003 ms
7 ( 9.939 ms 9.352 ms 7.928 ms
8 ( 8.995 ms 9.379 ms 12.114 ms
9 ( 9.472 ms 10.010 ms 8.740 ms

Cisco Geek

reply to coolspot18
Like resa said it's not your modem. It's probably the Local POI Congestion.


Any ideas why a reboot would fix times?

If it's local congestion, then a reboot won't help correct?


Kanata, ON
·Start Communicat..
said by coolspot18:

Any ideas why a reboot would fix times?

If it really is local node congestion, as opposed to Teksavvy backhaul congestion, then a modem reboot might result in different channels being assigned to the modem, putting it on slightly less congested channels.


You can test that theory by grabbing a screenshot of the channels it is using before rebooting, and then comparing with the new assignments after rebooting.