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Brooklyn, NY
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When you take into account I wouldn't be buying video and phone service from Verizon.. $70 seems like a great deal for 1 gigabit... heck, for most of the country and it's geography symmetrical 100 would be a great deal compared to what's offered today...

Today they offer 15/5 for $70... 25/15(20) for $80 and 50/25(30) for $90... prices need to come down and speeds go up..Raising prices was clearly a bad idea which hurt uptake rates. Where they go from here is anybody's guess.. but expect to be disappointed upfront more than being surprised.

Verizon STILL advertises that they are the ONLY company offering the fastest speeds in the country when it is a bold faced lie... that's a un-acknowledgement of the national market where they choose not to participate.

Still, many of the SAME technologies that can 100 deploy megabits can also offer 1 gigabit service.. which is to say coax & fiber based internet. Deploying that and investing the kind of money that makes these pipes primarily wide-band ultra fast internet with other services simulcast is where the future is if they choose to build it and charge a reasonable price-- most of which they choose not to do because they make more money this way.

Around May I'm going to be looking for the best deal I can get as my $45 50 megabit internet deal expires.