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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Have to respect Ergen!

said by 15444104:

I subscribed to DISH in the past and was impressed, by the quality of the service technically, and the customer service, it was VERY good.

The guy is admitting what the rest of the industry has COLLUDED against admitting. That many folks, ESPECIALLY younger people like myself are no longer willing to subscribe to pay TV no only because as it stands it is VERY expensive for what you get, but the quality of most of it is now HORRIBLE TOO and the endless commercial time and you have an almost unwatchable product.

And yet, if industry ever tries to offer a device-restricted, entry-level, lower-priced, metered product targeted towards the budget-conscious single user, this forum, the so-called consumer-advocates, and bloggers worldwide assail them.

Warner Robins, GA

Huh? Many cable companies and both satellite companies already have created lower cost "family friendly" tiers of television. Stick with the SD formats for satellite and no DVR and the cost is less than the HD and DVR options. Many cable companies are doing similar things. The problem is that even these budget offerings may contain too many commercials, mediocre content, or both. The customers are still leaving. One problem is that those $30/month advertised deals turn out to be $45/month, or more, averaged over the life of the 2 year contract. A dollar a day, with all taxes, fees, tariffs, and other charges included, is about the maximum many cable customers want to pay over the 2 year contract time frame.