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I'm considering switch my ISP to AT&T UVERSE because i see i can get more MB Download for le$$ money than my current Wide Open West, Naperville, IL However, I'm happy with my WOW consistent speed and their quick, friendly customer service. Do I switch to the lower-priced AT&T or stay with my reliable WOW for a bit more ? I know nothing of AT&T's reliability and/or reviews

Belleville, IL
How much would you save? I guess it really depends on your comfort level. If you are happy with what you got and it has been reliable, then I would look long and hard before you switch especially if you are only saving 5 or 10 bucks a month.

Because uverse is dependant on the quality of the copper, u could switch and have the same great experience you have had now or you could have problems. unfortunately since not every tech is completely aware of what they see when they test on an install there is no guarantee

of course the same could be said of any service so take it with a grain of salt..


Columbus, OH
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reply to Novice
Stick with WOW..
Switching to AT&T wont get you faster internet cheaper.


12 MB down / 1.5 MB up is $51 a month + $6 equipment fee. [$57 a month]

WOW's website shows to offer:

15 MB down / 1 MB up $50 a month

AT&T offers (if you can get it)

24MB down / 3 MB up $66 a month + $6 equipment fee. [total $72 a month]

WOW's website shows to offer:

30 MB down / 3 MB up a month for $70.

** yes AT&T may reel you in with a intro price but that usually goes up to full price after 6 months or so..

Thanks for the comment(s). There is quite a savings, but I'm unsure if I'd sacrifice speed and service. W.O.W. has been great with both. However for W.O.W. 15M download & 2M upload I'm paying $64.99/mos + $5.99/mos modem lease. Via Directv, if I go AT&T, I can get 18M/3M at $44.95/mos for 12-mos., then at 13-mos rate goes to $56/mos, but if I'm still Directv customer, Directv will deduct $10 till ??? So, for 12 mos, 13, and ??? I'm paying on avg $45/mos if I go AT&T. Unknowns though, what true speed and service will I get, is it DSL ? (what's diffs between DSL & Cable ?), and will they have to run a new line through my yard or use existing telephone line ? Novice

Joliet, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

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AT&T's speed package is 18/1.5, not 18/3. Only way to get 3mb upload is the 24/3 package. U-Verse comes in 2 flavors. VDSL which is interleaved and adds latency so some gamers who play online despise this and is VRAD fed and ADSL2+ which is CO fed. It depends on where you live how your area is fed. If you are offered TV and qualify for the 24/3 you are VRAD fed. Mine has been very stable but depending on your distance from the VRAD it would depend on what you qualify for, etc.

Streamwood, IL
For ATT U-verse Internet only, it seems that there will be a $2 equipment fee. »High Speed Internet Equipment Fee 2.00

I have the 18/1.5 U-verse. It is peppy. It has low jitter ( I am confident that the 12/1.5 plan would be very peppy too for me since I am not downloading a lot of stuff. If I were streaming a lot of video, the higher download speed would be important.

I don't get packet loss. That is an important factor in performance.

If you stick with WOW, buy a DOCSIS modem and turn in the modem that you rent for almost $7 per month. Get a receipt when you turn in the rented modem. If they are not using DOCSIS 3, you can probably find a good deal on a used modem.