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Allentown, PA

No more NBC20 New York?

I used to watch it on ClearQAM in my bedroom on mornings. Now I get the message please tune to NBC10 Philly.

Why the change! I liked NY news better! lol


Easton, PA

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I agree ! I didnt watch it on QAM but used to record the today show everyday being I (like many others) live in PA but come from jersey/NY.
Why was this taken out of our lineup ?

Gainesville, VA
reply to Thermo1223
RCN notified affected customers through the following message in their most recent invoice:

- An important message regarding a programming change -

Effective February 11, 2013, WNBC-4NY (channel 20/1020 in HD) will no longer be carried on the RCN Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley) channel lineup. WCAU is the exclusive in-market NBC affiliate for the Philadelphia "Designated Market Area" (DMA) as defined by the FCC. WNBC-4NY duplicates more than 85% of WCAU's programming. New York-based news programs will continue to be accessible on WWOR-My9 (channel 5/1005 in HD); WPIX-CW (channel 11/1011 in HD); and WNYW-Fox (channel 21/1021 in HD).


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Re: No more NBC20 New York?

said by Dawk2013:

I understand RCN notified customers but it still doesn't explain why it was taken out. As a customer I certainly would like to see it. There are 100's of channels I may never look at but this is one we watch every morning. Service electric has the channel so its certainly not against any regulation to carry it. Is there someone I can contact ? I can think of quite a few people who would be affected by this change.

Thank you.

perhaps service electric will be dropping it soon as well? u should probably direct the question to WCAU as they are likely the ones that asked for the drop. they lose ad revenue if rcn viewers are watching WNBC instead of them.
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reply to rcncares

Re: No more NBC20 New York?

First, DMA is a trademarked term by the private enterprise Nielson Media Research. The term the FCC uses is Television Market Area (TMA). So to say DMA defined by the FCC, you are factually inaccurate.

So assuming for a moment it's a semantic mistake (being repeated over and over and over across social media in response to this question) and it's not an intentional lie using big government agencies to take the focus of anger and disappointment off of RCN and on to a faceless bureaucracy, let's try and see if we can get a real answer to the real question.

Why delete these channels (WNBC & WNEP) now? DMA's and TMA's have been in place for decades, and we've had the ability to view multiple affiliate stations in the Lehigh Valley for as long as I can remember (at least 20 years), and now we've lost WNBC and WNEP in the last month or so. The boilerplate reply mentions we still have WNYW-Fox, but for how much longer until the TMA/DMA gets used to eliminate that? or WPIX? or WWOR?

We deserve an honest explanation.

Is it a bandwidth issue?
Is it the cost the stations charge for carriage?
Is it a negotiation gone bad? Or a negotiating ploy?
Is it a paperwork issue that didn't get filed?
Was it a complaint from the Philly stations?
Is it, in fact, a recent FCC ruling or rule change like you implied (if so, please cite it with details)?
Is it collusion with Service Electric to elimination some fringe stations from the basic packages together so customers can't even look into switching carriers?
Is it someone sat on the keyboard and deleted the channel and this explanation is easier than adding it back?

Why Now?

I don't think expecting a real explanation and treating me like an intelligent adult is too much to ask for my $2100+ a year.

I look forward to a reply.


From RCN's facebook page today:

RCN: Hello Steve! Thank you for expressing your thoughts regarding WNBC. The change was a business decision and proprietary in nature so additional information is unavailable. Thank you, Gina
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So I guess all those excuses about the FCC and the DMAs weren't exactly truthful reasons behind the move after all.