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Gainesville, FL
reply to cynicalhuang3

Re: [FL] Upstream Channel Bonding?

Gville. East of 13th, south of archer.

Def no upstream bonding.

Tech (see below) said he had no knowledge of when upstream bonding would occur in this market.

Had a lowly tech out today to figure out why I had 60mbps download and .3meg upload. He narrowed the problem down to being likely a damaged cable somewhere on the pole that was causing the packet loss. He said thered be plant truck rolls today following my 8am appointment to resolve the interference. Oddly enough, for the last 6 months my modem has always bonded on upstream channel id 3. After he spent 2.5 hours playing on the polls and trying a new modem with no fix.... he brougt my modem back in the house and it connected to upstream channel id 4 with zero packet loss and 7 meg upload (all prior to the truck rolls).

So today was one of my first experiences with avoiding packet loss/horrible speeds by getting off and on to a channel less susceptible to interference. Now, if we had upstream bonding I fear the trouble shooting involved if just a single flaky upstream channel is losing a packet here and there.

Mary Esther, FL

Were the same market as you guys, I doubt it will come anytime soon. We are dead last on things.



Gainesville, FL

I believe you are wrong . I think we were actually ahead of some of the other markets when the local Cox plant was upgraded to 1ghz.