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[Cable] Slow/fluctuating speeds in Montreal

I currently have the 8Mbp/s cable connection with Teksavvy. Without any congestion or any slowdowns I normally get speeds of 10.5Mbp/s down and 1.5Mbp/s up according to SpeedTest.

Sometime on Monday, the speed completely changed and I'm not sure why. I of course like to play games but it's unbearable when your ping reaches around 300 with a connection that would normally give you 30-60 locally. The problem though is that I've checked other computers in my house and they all get the normal speed with very few dips (decent but not incredibly significant, about 2Mbp/s less) whereas my computer seems to be fluctuating constantly between 0.5Mbp/s and 7Mbp/s during peak hours and 5Mbp/s to 9Mbp/s during off peak. The upload seems to stay consistent at 1.5Mbp/s at all times. Has anyone else been afflicted by this? Is it just my computer? If anyone has a solution that would resolve the problem I would appreciate the help. I haven't heard of any news that would suddenly affect my speed, nor have I ever had this kind of problem in the past.


Kitchener, ON
From the sounds of it, it sounds like there may be something locally within your computer. You may just need to run the "universal fix everything" commands to be able to resolve the problem.

To do this, open a command prompt window (requires an elevated command prompt in Windows Vista and Windows 7). If you need to elevate it, when you click start, then type CMD, press the LEFT CTRL and LEFT SHIFT keys at the same time, then click the cmd.exe icon while holding these keys, or while holding the keys, press ENTER.

Once that's been done, use the following commands:
1) ipconfig /release
2) ipconfig /flushdns
3) netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
4) netsh winsock reset resetlog.txt

When done, simply reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. If you're suffering from the common Windows issue that I think you are, you should notice these problems simply vanish before your eyes after rebooting.


I guess I'll try that out.

I would hope that works well for windows 7, but I'm not sure if it would work for mac because I actually tend to use the windows partition on it more. At any rate I'm sure it might be something with the lines as well. I'm thankful for your help.

If anyone else has any other solutions that may potentially work I'd be grateful for other potential repairs for this. If not, then I guess it's something with TSI or the videotron lines.

reply to EvilCake
We are always available in the direct forum to troubleshoot if the issue persists as well.


said by TSILiz:

We are always available in the direct forum to troubleshoot if the issue persists as well.

Since OP says his problematic speeds are only on his MAC while his other PCs are fine, this seems to be more a computer than internet problem.


reply to EvilCake
I tried the commands as suggested by MrMazda and it doesn't seem to have worked but the problem is actually only occuring on the windows partition. But as I said it only started slowing down on Monday even though it used to be perfectly fine before for the few months I've had cable.


reply to EvilCake
Thanks for your time guys, but I realized what the problem was. Apparently my windows partition only uses the 2.4GHz connection, and I left my wiimote near my comp on Monday, as soon as I removed it, speeds went up so now they only dip to 6Mbp/s now. Still a little slow, but at least it's not as bad as 0.5Mbp/s.