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Unhappy customer

I've had Metrocast for over a year now in the Philadelphia, MS area and have had 10mbps down and 1mbps up. About 3 months ago I noticed the speed jumped up to 25mbps with 2 upload. For the past month I had issues with my speed being at 1mbps to 3mbps at around 3am which is a non peak time. I called customer service about 4 times which at one point they recommended I get a DOCSIS 3 modem which I had to purchase myself since they didn't have any at the local office. They then said they were going to send a tech out to check the line. The tech never came but called and just told me that they didn't offer 25mbps in my area. Kinda weird since that was the speed I was showing when I ran a speedtest through several different servers. At the beginning of this month I noticed my download speed went from 25mbps to around 10mbps. I figured it was an issue like I was having before, but I decided to call them anyways. I was told by the rep that they only offer 9mbps in my area which I find pretty weird because when I signed up I was told I'd have 10mbps. Also it's weird considering I had 25mbps for a few months, I mean were they just testing the speed out and found an error on their lines or something? Least they can do is let me know if they are going to be doing this, then I wouldn't be upset with the service. So far this month though at least my speed is constant so that's a plus. I just wish there was another ISP in my area that I could go to, but I guess I'm stuck with this for now.