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Oakville, ON
reply to UnixMan

Re: [DSL] Static IP Address

said by UnixMan:

I even don't know what to answer for such analytical statements. Since you have replied to almost all threads in this forum I hope you know what to do. Good luck!

It almost makes me miss Farmer Chuck/Chuck's Truck/whatever, although he's very "active" over at can.internet.highspeed.

said by MrMazda86:

Also, Subnets are a completely different breed because they're a "virtual" link for lack of a better term. Even when running a subnet, you still have that one static IP for the PPPoE link. When you're not bound to a static IP on the other hand, the inner workings of it are different.

There is no "virtual link". Understand that PPP operates at the data link layer and doesn't care about IP at all; it's just a way of encapsulating data to relay it from one node to another across a network. The "inner workings" are the same whether you have a static or dynamic IP; it's still a PPP link using IPCP to configure the relay of frames containing IP packets over the link.