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Forest Hills, NY
·Earthlink Cable ..
reply to TWCdude

Re: [TWC] [11217]Terrible slow upload at certain times.

Could be. But the problems reoccur all the time. All they would do if they came here is swap the modem.

Can you use your own modem on Time Warner? Someone mentioned Channel bonding with the Docsis 3.0 modems. If I bought my own modem, would my connection be more stable than using the Time Warner modem?


Forest Hills, NY
Thinking of also getting the SB6141 and returning this modem.

Rockaway Park, NY
reply to tonyram57
TV Signal would not be affected by issues that affect upstream.


Forest Hills, NY
My building has loads of other units so if there is an upstream issue to the building, it will get fixed.


Forest Hills, NY
·Earthlink Cable ..

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reply to kilrathi
My building has loads of other units so if there is an upstream issue to the building, someone else will call out a technician if there is a problem on the local end.

A lot of people in my building have issues with Time Warner. It isn't anything new.

Ping times on the upstream are high.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to Earthlinky
said by Earthlinky:

Could be. But they want to send a tech out to fix it. The TV signal on the line is perfect.

I don't want to keep calling a tech to fix the issue that will reoccur. Last time I had an issue they swapped the modem blaming it and reprovisioning the modem as well as bring a laptop computer which made noises when he was doing something. I wasn't sure if it was diagnostic tests or whatnot.

My guess is overcrowded upstream.

They did that crap with me five times. Only one tech actually did work and ran a new cable drop down to the backyard. The other tech took my leased SB6580 which is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem that I only had for six days and gave me butt ugly old crappy Arris TM602G DOCSIS 2.0 modem because he said I could not have a DOCSIS 3.0 because I had Earthlink and he said it was not compatible. I believed that idiot which is why I bought the SB5101U after.

All I know is with all the DOCSIS 2.0 modems the downstream and upstream channels would keep changing causing connection lose for a few seconds. I am hoping with the DOCSIS 3.0 modem it will not do that anymore.


Forest Hills, NY
·Earthlink Cable ..

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Time Warner explicitly lies and won't solve the real issue of the connection problem.

I asked how my signal levels are from the modem without saying I had a connection issue, he said it looks fine.

Another tech said he saw connection issues, when there were none between modem and headend. They just want to bring a tech out to prevent cancellations and lost revenue.

The only thing left to do is to cancel out the service. I have had it with Time Warner.

Going to drop off the modem and cancel the service altogether. But I don't know what service I will replace it with yet.

Buying your own modem won't help when there are problems on the TWC Side.

Please read the SB6141 thread on here. The modem is not the cause of the problems nor the solution. It doesn't matter which modem you have.

They ram down more speed through an overcrowded pipeline on coaxial using encoding and the system just can't handle the connections anymore due to the plant design.

A fiber optics cable like FIOS end to end will eliminate all these issues but the problem is FIOS is not available here.

So I will probably use a wireless alternative for internet. My cellphone service is a LOT MORE reliable and never cuts out. Time Warner has physical plant and network issues. Perhaps using the network they could fix these issues but they are common and the norm not the exception.

I looked at the Time Warner Cable Direct forum and the threads for intermittent connection problems were long and it appears as though lots of people are having them and they appear unresolved.

Plus I note that while this problem occured the Time Warner network status page disappeared which usually gives a window into where they are doing work and what is going on.

So its time to return the modem and cancel out Time Warner.