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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
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reply to MrMazda86

Re: Bravo Distributel!

said by MrMazda86:

I have serious doubt on the credibility of the source. This link directly contradicts just about EVERY other link that I've seen with respect to Distributel.

It's posted on a BlogSpot, with no published source reference, which means that anyone could have written it and made this claim, but it isn't necessarily accurate, and there's no way of being able to provide recourse for error.

Further, it makes NO mention about Distributel having rolled over and forked out information upon the first request that they received. I suggest you check your facts and follow-up with your sources before trying to make a claim about a product or a service (or service provider), when the information contained within contradicts MANY other credible sources.

(EDIT: Upon closer examination, it seems that there are actually statements against TSI within this article that are inconsistent with proven fact, as cited within the publicly accessible court documents... It's sad really.)

lol it's everywhere bud. It's not just some random blog one one site.


Kitchener, ON
I'm well aware that it's everywhere... This particular blog on the other hand tries to make Distributel look better than they are and tries to make TekSavvy look like they're not doing anything. What it doesn't mention though is that TekSavvy was actually the first company to stand up and have the balls to say no. It also doesn't mention anything about the fact that TekSavvy has NEVER just rolled over and handed out such information... Just sayin'