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[LA] Why does it cost so much to run cable 800 feet?

When I first moved out to pride I got a quote for Internet don't remember how much it was exactly but it was around $1000. I chose to wait a little while and when they came out for a second quote it was around $2500. I waited again now the quote is up too $3400. What cost so much? Also I've been told they usually run 600 feet free if its over 600 feet customer pays for total run? Why? Shouldn't we only pay for whats over the 600? Why should I have to pay for the run then end up still having to pay a bill also if I did have cable installed anyone else around me that didn't have the option will now be able to get Internet with no reimbursement to me? Now I'm not sure if all information is accurate that's why I'm here please someone help I really want cox Internet I'm just not able/willing to pay $3400 just for a cable run.

Also what kind of cable is it? Can I run the cable myself?


Times have changed.
800 feet is a long run and may even need an additional amp to compensate for the loss that the Internet frequencies are on.
They are on a higher freq now and lose a lot of signal in long runs.

You cannot get and run the cable yourself. 800 feet would need to be a plant extension with hardline feeder cable.

Here is feeder cable.

»img.weiku.com/waterpicture/2011/ ··· 22_2.jpg

Never heard of the first 600 feet free.

If you have people around you get with them and see if you can pool your resources.

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If you own the whole property, you could have them pull it to a weatherproof box/shed/enclosure right at the line. Put modem and either a high-power WiFi access point with a high-gain antenna or a ethernet copper-to-fiber media converter at that location.

At your house, you'd need either another WiFi box with a high-gain antenna or another copper-optical media converter.

Running copper ethernet, even with a switch/repeater, would never work reliably due to ground potential differences. You'd fry NICS and switches or more specifically the PHY inside them pretty regularly.

Running "normal' cable (RG6 or RG11) would run into the above issue plus unacceptably high signal loss.

Optical sounds expensive, but it's really not that bad. Trenching would be the worst part. WiFi link would be cheaper, but not quite as reliable. Figure 99% reliability vs 100%.

I'd try the WiFi link first.


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Ya that was the way I was thinking since I do own the property and I have a rent trailer in the middle which already has cox ran to it ... I was thinking to hi gain antenna pointed at one another with a repeater and router and house and a router at source

West Warwick, RI
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I remember a very detailed thread on this forum about a year or two ago about a similar situation, but I think his run was like 1200+ feet and they were asking 10K+. I remember he decided to do half of it, and even dug some trenches to lay the coaxial. He posted a bunch of pictures and details description of how he did it. I think it was in OK or some other central state. I tried searching but don't remember enough info. Anyone happen to remember? I know its a bit of a stretch but I think it might be useful to the OP.

::Edit:: I think it was before the big DSLreports crash, so it may be gone.