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Ottawa, ON
reply to ayahni

Re: [Equipment] WISP roof/tower equipment list

said by ayahni:

Yes you are right. I want to clarify that first installation is going to be in the roof of a tall building. This building already has a large lighting protection.

WISP node on a tall tower in Panama will get hit frequently. You should make your own ground ring and bond to the building's grounding system.

You will need a large NEMA enclosure for the main router and PoE switch which will also need AC from the building. That should also be grounded properly.

Typical outdoor wisp radios will actually benefit from being put inside separate NEMA enclosures for such humid location. I say this from extensive experience in my home country which is sort of like Panama weather wise.

The sector antenna specs (how many degrees, what front-to-back ratio) will depend on where you place them on the roof. If they only allow you to put a single pole in the center, you are limited to 3 sectors.

Ideally, you will put 4 dual-radio boxes near the 4 corners and hang 2 sectors down the sides of the building at each corner. That is a total of 8 sectors which gives you lots of capacity to serve an urban area.

Mikrotik will most probably be best for the main router and also the separate AP routers for the corners.

said by ayahni:

Please note that I leave outside the us and I need to buy everything at once.

You are going too fast! You need to get someone to climb on the roof and take some photos looking out in each direction and also capture some spectrum usage graphs using a wispy type device.

You should first create a detailed plan for this rooftop node and use a spreadsheet to create the list of all the things to buy.

You can purchase on-line from different companies and get them shipped to some contact in USA or Canada. Then you get everything shipped at once to Panama.