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Midlothian, VA

Problem Receiving CBS Unencrypted Cable - Richmond

We have a QAM-capable TV in one of our bedrooms that's connected directly to FiOS without a set-top or converter box. Therefore, it can only receive the unencrypted channels.

We've had no problem for years. Now, all of a sudden, there's no CBS signal (WTVR Channel 6 in Richmond). Just a blank screen. All other channels work fine, as always. Re-scanned with same result.

Anyone else experiencing this problem or have any thoughts as to cause (or possible remedy)?



Fountain Valley, CA
tv should have a signal reading on it somewhere in the menu. make sure you are tuned to CBS and then look in the menu for the signal screen, and see what it says, its most likely just a coax that needs to be reseated at both ends.


Midlothian, VA
reply to Tomel
Reseated coax with no change. Wouldn't a connection problem impact the other channels also? All other channels are OK.

TV does not have a signal strength indicator. However, I re-scanned and CBS not being picked up. Also added the channel manually. Nothing. Tried a DVD recorder that has QAM. It also works on all channels except CBS-6.

No problem receiving CBS HD or SD on other sets in the house. However they all run through converter or HD set-top box.

Must be a FiOS QAM signal problem. Right? I don't believe it would be a problem originating at the Broadcast station or is that a possibility?


Virginia Beach, VA
Have you flipped through all the channels that your scan picked up? Could be the PSIP mapping got messed up and it is on some odd channel now instead of where it should be.


Fredericksburg, VA

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reply to Tomel
If I were you, I'd do a channel rescan to make sure that they weren't remapped to another channel.

I just hope that Verizon isn't blocking/scrambling the formerly clear QAM channels.

I live on the north side of Fredericksburg. Our head end is out of Silver Spring, but I can get Channel 6 (WTVR CBS) and Channel 35 (WRLH Fox) out of Richmond on clear QAM but not on the regular channel lineup on the STB. It's nice to have an alternative to WUSA 9 and WTTG 5. If they start taking that away, then FiOS TV is a lot less enjoyable. It's almost to the point where I may go back to Cox Cable.

Edit: I checked last night when I got home, and so far so good.. but I'm afraid that they'll start dropping Clear QAM channels. I'll be watching..


Lynn, MA
reply to Tomel
Same problem in Boston. I'm now only getting NBC via QAM on 7.1. Not good. :-(


Lawrence, MA
reply to Tomel
for me 2,4,and 5 are hidden Most of the other channels are OK
NECN SD is now unencrypted

JayMan 007

Richmond, VA
reply to Tomel
Just checked the one TV I have using QAM.
When using ch up/down, I did not get a picture for CBS.
I did get a picture when I punched in 6-1...

Not sure about this... I don't want to rescan, because of all the SD channels and music channels that show up, then I will have to manually remove them. What a pain..