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Carpentersville, IL
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Re: [WIN8] What happens if you install Win 8 CP or RP now?

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Well, I believe that my testing of installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview now is complete.

As can be seen by the above picture, the up time is just over 17 hours. That of course would not be possible if it was rebooting every 2 hours, as Microsoft says it is suppose to.

I did my own reboot, and nothing has changed. Still the same messages inside of Control Panel in regards to Action Center, and WinVer.

So, from my testing, I can conclude that Microsoft's claim that Windows 8 Consumer Preview will "expire" on 01/15/2013 is incorrect. Sure, there are things that don't work as Windows is not activated, and it is of course beta software, so there are risks with that. However, the whole "reboot once every 2 hours" claim as well as "Loss of data" claim, at least in my specific case, are false.

If the software was suppose to expire and not be usable on and after 01/15/2013, then why was I able to install it yesterday, on February 12, 2013, and use it all day and into today, without a single automatic reboot, or loss of any data?

If I get the chance, I'll do a similar test with the Release Preview, which was also suppose to "expire" on 01/15/2013. Based on my results with the Consumer Preview, I have a really good feeling those "claims" are false as well. My prediction will be the Release Preview will function the same way as the Consumer Preview has.

Again, I'm open to any discussion as to why it would work this way, as well as why Microsoft's claims of what will happen after 01/15/2013 in regards to this software, are false.

--Brian Plencner

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