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Norman, OK
·Cox HSI

[ALL] OKC Market speed increase?

Anybody know if and when the Oklahoma market will see any increase in speeds in the near future? I know Cox is upgrading because we now have bonded upload channels. With the increase in speeds, will we have to purchase a new DOCIS 3 cable modem?
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Oklahoma City, OK
Someone in an older thread below stated Q3 for upgrades per a local Cox VP. I have a contact with a local supervisor due to an ongoing problem, I'll ask if he knows anything next time I talk to him.

FWIW, I still don't have bonded upload channels. I'm on the edge of Moore/South OKC. I have 8x1 right now.

My understanding is you will need a D3 modem for ultimate for sure, the rest possibly, but not sure if it's required. Either way, it's a good investment to make. I have a Cisco DPC3010 and also have a Motorola SB6121. I like the Moto better, but the 6121 only bonds 4x4 instead of 8x4. If you want to go Moto, the 6141 or 6180 both bond 8x4. We discussed in earlier threads and there seems to be a preference to the 6141.