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Springfield, PA

Router Reboot Helps Speeds - But Why?

I have been following all the slowness/latency/speed issues
here like everybody else. Mostly my FIOS 75/35 is much
better in the past week or two, but still alot I can't explain.

Like lots of others, when I run from various
places in the US, I get very different and erratic results.
There is almost no in between. I got near-fullspeed or
I get 1-2MB down or less. Many speedtest sites I can't
even get to, they start and just hang. This is off hours
mostly. I think is broken, don't know...

So to remedy this, I just reboot my router and change
nothing else. I release the IP and do an immediate reboot.\
Sometimes I don't release the IP.

As soon as the router comes back, I run the same speed
tests and voila! Mostly normal speeds. Had only 1-2MB
down at one site, then get 80MB down. 2 minutes later,
same computer/browser,etc.

Please oh please, tell me why this would be the case?
Does VZ do some sort of load balancing that I am taking
advantage of? Sometimes the IP changes and sometimes
it doesn't. Router only down 1 minute or so at most.

I have a programmable timer and will put the router on that
to reboot nightly at 3am or so, but I never had to do this
before VZ. Router would run for months without reboot
and issues. My entire home is wired CAT5e/1GB.

Something is very strange out there....I don't think this is
the router at all. Might blame the router, but really my sense
is that is not at fault. It is something fully in their network.
But what would explain this?


Fountain Valley, CA
if you are wireless, then the router searches for the best wifi signal on start up.

if you are on the net for a while and then interference gets introduced, then a reboot is a way to clear that?

i can't see any good reason why it would happen on a wired connection.

Lakeland, FL
reply to smrtech
If you have a virus / trojan / botnet infection on your PC using the bandwidth, resetting the router will for a few minutes pause the botnet or whatever is using the bandwidth

have you tried another computer to rule out the PC as the issue?