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steve o


unhappy w/Metrocast in NH

I have had Metrocast for 8 mo's, their customer service is awful and they have the attitude like if you don't like our service you can leave. I'm getting very close to leaving and getting a dish. Don't understand why they won't carry the NHL Network and I have the Broadcast Basic pck. w/digital box and they won't let me add on their digital basic that has NBC Sports w/out adding expanded basic. Even Comcast allows stuff like this. Not very customer friendly.


Do yourself a favor and get Directv. Well worth the money and they appreciate us NHL fans unlike Metrocast. Channel 215 NHL Net. Love it. Metrocast's excuse is not enough people request that channel so they won't carry it. Also won't carry NHL sports package because not enough people will purchase it.

Rochester, NH
reply to steve o
Why anyone buys a package from a cable company is beyond me when you get so much more with the digital package (ie MLB @ Bat, MLS, NHL, etc).