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Quebec, QC
reply to Frank_IT

Re: Bell FTTH question

Did not work last time i made some tests.

when saying VOD, I mean by that, all subscribed channel that also have vod like Prise2, SE, Casa, etc...

I did not try to rend a movie.

Also, Galaxie music did not work (not the channel but the apps) -- that one maks more sens that it did'nt work


That blows I couldn't possibly care less about Bell's "Apps" but VOD is used quite often.

Well what I've done in the meantime is drop my FW in the DMZ, which works very well actually. IPSec and SSL VPN works fine. I have IPSec working from my PA firewall to a Fortigate at my colo, and client IPSec and SSL VPN works fine inbound to the firewall. I am a little surprised it was that easy... usually IPSec gets upset when NATed.

So in and out work great, and I get full speed. I still use my own VoIP solution which needs a public IP as well, and that I can't get from Bell so I am keeping a basic Rogers cable internet service for now. Oh well, it's useful for redundancy.

Rogers is piloting fibre now as well though. 250 / 250! And if it works anything like their cable modems and they come to my area, Bell will be gone VERY quickly.



Quebec, QC
For FTTH 50/50, is the IP static or dynamic?


Dynamically assigned once you connect via PPPoE. When you disconnect PPPoE and reconnect, you'll get a new IP.

Rogers is dynamic as well but I kept the same IP for a year and a half, regardless of any power outages. They use DHCP.

So with Bell, if you want to keep the IP for a while, I'd highly recommend slapping the modem on a UPS so you don't drop your PPPoE connection.



What's the best way to get my pFsense to work correctly using just the ONT , and getting rid of the sagecom, is it possible ?

1st, dont call them for support if you have issue.. they will tell you to put back the Sagemcom.. and if you have TV, forget the removal of the Sagemcom...

Internet is on Vlan35.. you then know what to do on pfsense