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This is a sub-selection from Muni

Troy Mcclure

Portland, OR
reply to silbaco

Re: Muni

said by silbaco:

If people want faster broadband, let them start up an ISP. With their own money. After all, bandwidth prices are falling and deploying fiber is supposedly much cheaper these days. Or at least there are countless people here who live and breath by that mentality when it comes to why the telcos should deploy fiber.

Problem here is, people want something for nothing. They want their local government to foot the bill. I have to agree that private sector companies shouldn't have to compete with the government. If there is truly need enough, people can start their own ISP or start a cooperative or something of the sort. They can create competition if that's what they want. Nothing is stopping them.

The government is their own money.

People are willing to pay.

Saying people should start their own isp is like saying people should build their own power station if they want cheaper power . . .. most people don't know how to do this.

Is there a data line to feed this isp?

Do you consider satellite high speed internet too? 56k X2 modem dialup?

Another case of the, "I got mine, we don't need any help for others"

Not knowing how to to something is not an excuse. If you want it, you learn.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
Most network engineers and technicians (well, the screwed over ones) would be glad to help.

Heck, I'd be glad to lay the fiber or wire the data center. Just bring in good food and beverages and I'm cool.