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analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to Guspaz

Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

said by Guspaz:

Routing? No, more like Denver is a fraction the distance from BC as compared to Montreal... Surrey to Denver is ~2,300 km, while Surrey to Montreal is ~4,500 km.

In terms of latency, I pinged DSL_Ricer's father's OVH box from my Montreal TekSavvy connection and got a stable 21ms. It went through TorIX. The lower latency is probably due to being on VDSL2 (which has lower first-hop latency).

Odd as my ping to a server at Netelligent has always been in the 70's and to OVH its in the 90/100's even NFOservers NY is in the 90's/100's.

I just need a cheap game server, $39 is a crazy price. I guess I could get two different ones East (OVH) and West (VPS NFO Seattle) then use the OVH one to host the map files.