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Purcellville, VA
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Then let them stay alive, with one employee per state whose job is to sit at a desk and try to stay awake all day. Pay them a salary of $1 per year. (I'll bet the Constitution doesn't mandate how big they have to be. )

The simple point is that the USPS is a huge waste of money, especially when FedEx can get stuff there faster and more reliably. I don't trust the USPS, and neither should others. (By extension, this also means I no longer trust UPS, as they contract some of their deliveries out to the USPS. Since they can't guarantee me that USPS won't handle/deliver my package, I don't use their services anymore.)
The only difference between Bush and Obama is the group they're wasting our taxpayer money on. It's time to elect responsible legislators.


I use USPS all of the time, I'm no powerseller, but I sell quite a bit of old electronics on ebay (for money to buy new electronics) and I've never had a problem.

Fedex and even UPS is a lot more expensive than USPS, what about customers who still want paper bills sending all of those bills out by Fedex would be ridiculously expensive. Also the USPS wouldn't be doing anywhere near as bad as they are currently doing if their weren't laws in place that force them to send money back to the government every year.

Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
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Words fail me in describing how wrong you are. So have a holy facepalm instead.
Think Outside the Fox.