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This is a sub-selection from Muni

Purcellville, VA

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Re: Muni

said by silbaco:

If people want faster broadband, let them start up an ISP. With their own money.


People = community
Their own money = taxpayer funds, which is technically the community's money

I don't necessarily think that a municipal ISP has to run in a manner that provides Internet service to all residents in a community as part of their tax bill. They could do this as a start-up using taxpayer funds as a long-term loan to be paid back, and charge the equivalent of user fees for each person who receives access. Access could be priced at a break-even point, as governments have no need to run with a profit-centered orientation. At the end of the day, the net cost to the taxpayer base as a whole would be zero.

It's clear in many circumstances that for-profit companies won't bring high speed to certain areas. They clearly don't feel that it's profitable (or is profitable enough to meet their target margins), and in many of those cases they're probably right. I see no problem with local governments and possibly others stepping in to provide service where these for-profit companies won't, and also see no issue with them stepping in to provide a competitive alternative to Comcast and the like in areas that are presently being served. This can only increase competition, which ultimately benefits consumers.
The only difference between Bush and Obama is the group they're wasting our taxpayer money on. It's time to elect responsible legislators.