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Win7 Firewall rules question

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Is there any way to have the Win7 firewall to have outgoing rules for all EXE files and subfiles from the main folder path using a wildcard?

More details are in the print screen?

Its kind of hard for me to explain.

But what I want to do, is allow the McAfee Updater service to be on my list of OUTGOING ALLOWED programs or process for it to be able to run the virus updates. But I dont want to add indivual EXE files one by one, I just want to add only the main folder in which that Updater EXE file would be inside of that folder like for example, COMMON FRAMEWORK.

As you all can see in the print screen, it will NOT allow special characters like * or COMMON FRAMEWORK\*.*

Please see print screen.



Houghton Lake, MI

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Yes, Wildcards are allowed for some things, but not all.
But just putting the folder there will also work.
Test it out by adding a folder then run a program in or unde3r that folder and see if it is blocked, it should be.

I use a program called WFC (Windows Firewall Control) and love it it makes it very easy to block and allow things.



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Ok, my McAfee Updater worked by selecting these options here in this print screen. Note, that these are ONLY for OUTGOING rules. Inbound rules are left as recommended default settings.

All my other custom OUTGOING rules seems to work fine.