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Calabash, NC

[Anime] Hard subs on releases

Ok, at Christmas, while buying goodies from Rightstuf I noticed that NISA was planning to release Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko / Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl as a special box set. DVD/BD, 13 episodes, with special artbook, ($52) like they usually do with their series. I didn't buy it then, but I REALLY love this series, and want to get it. Except there are a couple of issues that cause me to hesitate:

1: NISA doesn't exactly have a stellar track record with me, as those that pay attention on these boards have seen me rail against them in their Pandora Hearts horrendous release. They also had issues with the Toradora!!! sets as well. So already I can't pull the trigger, however....

2: The subs are HARD subs, well, at least the subs are default ON and cannot be turned off. Yeah, this isn't that big an issue for me, as I doubt I'd watch it anyway with subs off if I HAD the option, but that's still an option I would like to have, since it's a sub only release. I've seen some subs be too big / too small / colored horribly / wrong / whatnot, so the ability to turn that off is a nice option to have.

I realize that this isn't really NISA's choice on the hard subs. it's the license holder's stipulation for granting the license, to try to curb Japanese consumers from importing the American release for cheaper than the initial release copy.

So what do you think? Like? Dislike? Don't care? I still think I may pick this one up only because I would love the book, and love to have a *crosses fingers* sharp looking BD copy.

Vive Vivaldi
Irving, TX
I think my dvds of Kashimashi are like that... slightly annoying but I can always just dig up my fansubs.
Think Outside the Fox.