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Parsippany, NJ
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reply to Hall

Re: [OS X] Can't move apps from "Applications" to a su

said by Hall:

You sure ? I trashed "Mail" a long time ago with no ill-effects. I think there was (1) update out of 3-4 maybe that put it back.

Let's say, instead of trashing it, that you put it somewhere else...

... and then OS X 10.8.3 comes along and installs a new (that's assuming you use the "full" instead of "delta" update. If it's the Delta update, it's even worse.)

Now you'd have two Mail.apps.... which one gets launched when you click on a mail message or a mailto: link in your browser? Now you're using, say, a 10.8.0 which is expecting certain versions of libraries that were replaced in 10.8.3.

Just an example.

... if you use Delta updates, it's even worse. You might end up with bits n pieces of things.

Just a bad idea overall ....

Germantown, OH
I moved it first and waiting for hell to break loose... After a few weeks, nothing blew up :-D Then I really did trash it.

I use Thunderbird but Calendar insisted on opening Mail (silently) to deal with invitations, i.e. sending them to others mainly. I tried every solution I could find to get it to stop and short of removing it, nothing worked. After removing it, everything Calendar related still worked fine. I don't know if it used Thunderbird to send invites now that it had no choice or if it sent them via commandline.

What is a full update vs a delta update ? Well, I know what they probably mean. Delta would basically be a "patch". Didn't know users had the option...