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reply to Darknessfall

Re: [Connectivity] Dropping connections, several tech visits, no

said by Darknessfall:

Even interference cannot cause this much of a problem. I can put be connected to router 1 and then put my device right next to router 2 on the same channel broadcasting at 400mW and I still didn't have a dropped connection and can still get a "decent" enough connection to use. To have enough interference for that you would have to be right next to the thing that is inferring. Interference wouldn't seize a connection useless.

Yep, my primary and guest routers (both are on the same rack) are on "automatic" for channel selection, but they are almost always only one 2.4ghz channel apart (right now they are on channels 4 and 3), and I have no problems connecting to either one of them. I have also manually put them on the same channel, and had no problems.

OTOH, I found out quite early when I started using 2.4ghz WiFi, that I needed to dump the 2.4ghz wireless phones.
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