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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: bad link Karl

said by tshirt:

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said by gar187er:

also while they lost some video subs, video revenue went up.

It's not hard to increase video revenue when you raise prices twice a year

Yet most people continue to pay, so they feel it is worth the price.

I have been paying for cable TV and internet for a while now and have no plans to remove it. Yes, its only Digital Preferred, but the price is fine by me for now. I crave live sports, and the crappy internet feeds are not enough to have me cut the cord.

Now, if I lost my job or if times were tough, I would be cutting the cord more aggressively than I am now.

In the end, like it or not, television continues to be something that many consumers enjoy. The $100 price point for cable and internet together is what most customers can live with. Especially since the cost of doing something else, such as go to the bar or go to a movie, are even more expensive.

Everyone has their vices. Mine is good internet and enjoying live sports on TV. Other people smoke, drink once a week at a bar and pay a $30 bar tab, or go to a movie with the family and drop $40 for a night. I am sure if cable TV isn't your cup of tea, there are other things you can spend money on and there isn't a wrong answer here. Unless you are shooting up Heroin.
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