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reply to Bill Neilson

Re: And nothing will change until we have actual

said by Bill Neilson:

people who are willing to NOT let lobbyist run around DC putting laws into effect or blocking laws they don't like....Republicans, Democrats, whoever.

I love a small government
I love lower taxes
I love thriving corporations

But my goodness, how can some not see the insane robbery that so many major ISP's put into play against others....a perfect example being the recent House Bill in Georgia wanting to make sure everyone with 1.5 speeds down is perfectly fine and in need of zero help?

We seem to have a country that cries out loud about the "Free Market" yet we have a market that is anything but "free"

I love a smart, useful government, size is not the issue
I love taxes that are fair, those that earn more pay more, and the rich pay their fair share
I love thriving corporations, but not at the expense of America's soul