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Re: Preparing for PvP In 5.2, Patch 5.2 PTR Notes Updated

said by Snuffbox:

Patch 5.2 Honor Gear

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The Patch 5.2 Malevolent gear may have more PvP power and Resilience, but Patch 5.1 Malevolent gear has higher Item levels and as such stats. To have more clarity on this you can read the below comparisons:

•5.1 Malevolent Gear has a higher ilevel than 5.2 Malevolent Gear.
•5.2 Malevolent Gear has more PvP Power/Resilience than 5.1 Malevolent Gear.
•5.1 Malevolent Gear

483 ilevel (491 with 2/2 upgrades)
~30 ilevels of PvP Power and Resilience
•5.2 Malevolent Gear
476 ilevel
~36 ilevels of PvP Power and Resilience

In the end, the effective Ilvl of patch 5.2 and 5.1 Malevolent gear puts them at about equal. The reason for lowering the item level and increasing the PvP stats for the 5.2 version of Malevolent gear is because we want players to run 5.0 LFR, this means that the Ilvl of honor gear needs to be lower than the entry requirement of 483. The result of this was lowering the Ilvl (stats) of the gear, but increasing it's PvP power and resilience to compensate. That difference in power you feel is going to be extremely prominent, is actually quite minor.

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reply to gainsborough
said by gainsborough :

I think it would be usefull and just easier... if someone would link some stats for malevolent gear, then malevolent gear upgraded and then the new gear. Link for a warrior plz.

I'm not quite understanding this... I'm full mal right now... with half upgraded fully. The new gear is going to have a lower item level than my ugraded 391 peices. That ilvl will be 376. However, the new gear will have slightly more pvp res/power...

So nothing changes with my 391 gear right? What about the new crafted stuff? What ilvl is it and mats costs, and were do you get the patterns?

As far as crafted gear the contenders patterns just updated so we didn't have to buy new patterns when they did it last year.

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reply to Gan
said by Gan:

It's not an entirely obvious strategy so I'll share; before each new season I max both HP and JP. Then after I buy the new honor gear, I trade the JP for more HP at the Justice trade goods vendor in Org. With the unfavorable exchange rate (375 JP for 250 HP), I can still start each season with an effective honor cap of 6500 instead of 4000.

You can also start a new season with honor quests like TB and WG completed but not turned in for another ~1,000 honor.
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I hadn't thought of that, good to know. Looks like we have one more week to prepare:

»www.wowhead.com/news=210655/patc ··· february

"Community Manager Bashiok just posted a lengthy blog previewing Patch 5.2. Of special note:

Currently, Patch 5.2 is intended to launch the last week of February. A new quest phase is being tested on February 22nd, so don't expect to see it earlier than that. This means that time is running out on upgrading items."

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reply to Carpie
It's slated for 02/26/2013 from that I've heard so there is about 1 week left.


reply to Cows
GOOD. That's exactly what I was looking for...