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Re: [TWC] RR Standard with Motorola SB6141 Speed Increase?

I went from the Arris 502G which I am renting to the Motorola SB6141. I have standard service, and my download speed from speedtest.net dropped from about 24 with the Arris to 15 with the Motorola. Standard service is supposed to be 15. According to TW tech support level 3, the power boost would not result in download speed with the Arris on standard service in the low 20's. In fact, he said that powerboost would not effect speedtest at all. Is there something about my particular Arris that allows the faster speed, or will another Arris get the same speed? I could buy a used Arris and see, but if someone already know that could save me a few bucks. Thanks.

Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
The Arris 502G is a DOCSIS 2 modem, which supports PowerBoost. This will, contrary to what TWC said, result in faster speed tests.

TWC doesn't support PowerBoost on DOCSIS 3 modems such as the SB6141. The brand doesn't have any impact.

If PowerBoost is important to you, you might want to consider the Motorola SB5101 or SB5101U. These DOCSIS 2 modems support PowerBoost, but probably aren't the best choice in the long term. Many providers are dropping PowerBoost as they increase their standard speeds.

DOCSIS 3 modems offer channel bonding, so your speeds will be more stable and less likely to degrade due to network congestion. As the standard tiers get faster, you will be more and more likely to start running into the limitations of older equipment, so I would suggest sticking with the SB6141. It is better in the long term.


Thanks jimk. The test results were for a hardwired computer. The test differences for the wireless computer are even greater (like 3 with the SB6141, and in the low 20's with the Arris). The price of the SB5101 is so low, that I might get that to use temporarily until Standard service in my area increases to 20, or the price of faster service drops.


Brooklyn, NY
I ordered myself the SB6141 from Amazon on Sunday to replace the SB5101U which is darn good modem to begin with. I want the channel bonding with the SB6141 which suppose to help with network congestion.

I have a question about the SB6141. Is it true that TWC does not push any firmware updates to it? What is your firmware version number? I don't mind asking.