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This is a sub-selection from Muni


Dahlonega, GA
reply to silbaco

Re: Muni

The thing is that companies like Windstream can't even provide their advertised speeds. During the afternoons and evenings where I live in Northeast Georgia I am EXTREMELY lucky to get above 1 MBps let alone the 1.5 that this bad bill states is "broadband". On top of that Windstream has absolutely NO competition in my county. According to Comcast they tried to extend service into Lumpkin but were denied by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Although I haven't been able to find the information about it I have heard from others that when Windstream took over from TDS back in 2004 they signed some type of contract that allows them to be the only ISP in Lumpkin. That sucks for us as consumers. So.... Maybe these companies need some type of competition to improve their service. Allowing communities create the option AND competition is what is needed if the Georgia PSC is going to block other types of competition. Instead we have Bills such as this from the Republicans in the Georgia House (and probably created by Windstream and AT&T) preventing any type of competition and hurting us as consumers. We should have choice not monopolies.