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[vps] Scam warning - InviteVPS.com

Beware of a new African based service, named InviteVPS.com .

Starting around last December, they used forums on the net to promote an offer of a 1 month free VPS mainly for people from US, which could then be continued by completing some free offers online from advertisers.

As a US resident, I signed up with them for that offer, but instead of simply providing a VPS, they played with me and gave all type of crap and excuses on 2 support tickets I opened with them, in a correspondence which lasted over 1 month(!), without providing any working server. This is the most horrible support experience I've ever encountered in my digital life.

Screenshots of the 2 support tickets are linked down here. Look at the lame replies & dates intervals and judge by yourself.

My first support ticket was just abandoned and closed by them, after being ignored many days.
Our relationship ended after they ignored my second support ticket for 10 days, despite their false promises to finally provide a VPS within 48 hours since their last reply there. Then I couldn't take it anymore. I contacted them through their chat widget (in a rare occasion where I found someone online..) and told them what I thought about their service, then requested to terminate my account.

I signed up with them using a fresh new email address (following other's suspicions on the net against them) which has never been used or published online - that email address started to receive spam from third-parties about 10 days later, in a miraculous way.

(someone told me they had suddenly cancelled their plan to offer the renewal option using advertisers/surveys and therefore people like me, who clearly expressed interest in that part of the offer, were no longer welcome. I don't know if that's exact but it could be a possible explanation of my experience).

From their website:
"We allow warez linking and nulled scripts. Will forward any DMCA's received to you" - I think that kind of speaks for itself. Many users won't really care, but together with the above, this could give you an idea of what entity you're dealing with.

Conclusion: Stay away.
In case you decide to test any free offer they might come out with, remember you'll doubtfully get anything, anyway NEVER use real info.
If you provide them your billing details - expect all kinds of troubles.

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Re: [vps] Scam warning - InviteVPS.com

I definitely laughed at the empty response.

I know your IP address
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Holy crap, lousy free service?
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