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Mentor, OH
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: It has to do with economics

I always wondered as to why they couldn't run fiber to a box. Then from that box use wireless to git to homes. Add in range extenders to boost signal strength and range.

Though the wireless union guts might get pissed at the wired guys doing their job. Tuff crap.

An example would be the star network that smart meters use to transmit their data to a DCU unit [data collection unit]. The meters transmit on a radio freq, to the DCU. A DCU [If I remember correctly] can handle input from 500 meters. Then when they are polled by the central office, the DCU uses a cell phone signal to transmit the collected data home.

Sure we are talking about more data, when talking about the internet, but you'd think it would be possible to use such a system.

There have been suggestions to make Broadband a utility and have the prices controlled. Also, by being labeled a utility, the providers would have to build out to every home [and of course the tax payers would pay for this].
And I think it would break the lock on the last mile, and companies would have to open their networks to competitors. Again, is that a bad thing/
Consider the delivery of Natural gas to homes. In my area we have several providers, and they all use the same pipes. One company owns/maintains the pipes, everyone else pays a distribution fee to use the pipes.
Why can't broadband internet be like that? or like dial up, where you had a few dozen ISPs and just the telco to your door.
You paid the telco for the wire, and the ISP for the service.
Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.