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uverse tech

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Re: Are these innocent "mistakes" or something else.

I have to say as a prem tech, you people have no sense. We work 10-12 hrs a day and can't control these appt times. As for cust service, I know they suck cause we have to deal with them as well.
Uverse is a phenomenal system but needs to be installed by a experienced tech for it to work as advertised.
Go easy on the tech who doesn't show up when you want simply because he was dealing with a unappreciative cust before you. Also, if he finishes at 8pm, just realize he just worked a 12 hr day and wants to get the hell home and enjoy a hr of free time before he goes to bed and starts it all over again.


Roseville, MI
This sort of proves the guys issue with your company. Sure, maybe you worked all day, but you are the face of the company and your very late.
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