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This is a sub-selection from Muni


Fishkill, NY
reply to mocycler

Re: Muni

said by mocycler:

It's a tired old argument. People move to an area where something isn't available then piss and whine for the taxpayers to give it to them.

If broadband is such an awesome "investment", then the town elders should have no problem attracting private investors who will gladly front the money to get things going.

Many people lived in these areas before the Internet. Check out the podcast I linked to. Many muni networks pay for themselves. Some save the towns millions.

I am not pissing and whining for muni networks were I live. It would be nice yes but I can get FiOS (as of 3 months ago) and DOCIS 3 cablemodem. What I don't like is the telcos and cable companies blocking those towns, counties and cities who WANT to start their own network from doing so especially in areas where the Internet options suck. Either provide decent service at a reasonable rate or let the towns do so. The local government and schools use the Internet and networking between buildings. Some of these muni networks were started because they were being charged crazy money for connecting buildings together. It was cheaper for them to run fiber between all the buildings then pay Comcast to provide the connection between these buildings.

Other muninetworks provide the fiber to the home / business. But allow many different providers to sell services (TV and Internet and phone) over that fiber. Seems a smarter way to go then having many companies running their own lines.


Dekalb, IL
So then they need to start their own ISP providing those services. If they can't swing it, then the demand obviously isn't there for what they think they need.