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Quincy, MA

[Connectivity] Packet loss between 6 to 11pm

Well. I have been having this problem for about 3 weeks. Every night after 7 or 11 pm my connection turns to utter garbage. I mean unbearable, untolerable garbage. It drops every 2-3 minutes for the whole night. Literally drops. for about 30seconds or longer. non stop. Last night i stayed up later to oversee the problem, i was out of service from about 1135-1145pm, and again at around 12-1215pm. COMPLETELY out of service.

I have talked to agents countless times. They have "reset my modem". They have "refreshed my connection". Multiple times. And this problem still persists. This is completely unacceptable.

I want to know if any other Comcast members have been having the same problems. I specifically live in zip code 02170. Quincy.
Please share your problems.


Stuarts Draft, VA
Signal levels ? What Modem ?


San Jose, CA
reply to cg119
In the past, I had channel drops on my (business class) SMC 8014 which caused link drops due to single downstream and upstream channels. It took 4 months and 10+ tech visits before someone came up with the idea of giving me a multichannel SMCD3G. Comcastic business class! (everyone treated me like residential.)

In some other instance, I had high latency from 6pm-12am every night for about 2 months.. it eventually just went away.

Schaumburg, IL
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Streaming video. I've given up trying to use Netflix in the evenings. It can barely keep up and often drops down to Low/SD or buffers. Comcast's speed tests show OK, but most anything outside the Comcast network is slow.

Columbia College IT
Sonora, CA
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are any of your neighbors (assuming they are comcast subscribers) having troubles during this window of time? is this wired or wireless (or both) on your end? and when you mention packet loss, i'm assuming you're getting crappy pings to sites like google.com, etc.

i remember when i would read and help troubleshoot dsl related problems like this, it could be real bone-head stuff like a bad street light near the splice, stuff like that. it wasn't always "simple" congestion at the node or bras level.

just a couple things to think about.

There's sand in my tool bag
reply to cg119
One note, no one elses problems are going to be related to yours, unless you are already neighbors.