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HughesNet Gen4

Like you, we recently switched to Hughesnet Gen 4 and have experienced a modest increase in transfer speed. Whereas before we averaged a download speed of approx 2 Mbs we now average something around 4Mbs with occasional periods as fast as 9Mbs and as slow as 1.5Mbs. Clearly no where near the advertised 15Mbs ever. In addition, even with the top offered plan "Business 400" we usually exceed the 20GB/month limit and must go through the gymnastics to buy "Tokens" that each good for an extra GB. The HughesNet online service has never allowed us to buy these tokens online, reporting that our provider does not offer them. However, a phone call to the HughesNet Tech support (or Marketing), along with the patience to persist through the first several responders who seem to have either no knowledge or actually wrong information, finally results in a helpful person who easily facilitates the transaction.
If any possible broadband alternative exists to satellite ISP, by all means use that. Otherwise, HughesNet serves at a minimal level.