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Amerika is the best, most blah, blah, blah...

That is the problem here in the US, MOST of the citizens have lost their ability or desire to push back against unreasonable or unjustified behavior, whether you are speaking of business, government, or anything else.

Part of the problem also is because you have a culture in the US that is so fragmented and there is NO actual nation, because we have so many different peoples here all fighting for their specific interests at the same time.

Now before folks start attacking me....I am a US born citizen and yes, a fifth generation German heritage descent.

The German people in general are MUCH better educated, more diligent, and as customers they DEMAND more of the services and products they pay for compared to most Americans.

Same reason why for so many years for about the same price German designed and built cars were FAR superior to American designed and built cars. The best example of this is probably the Ford Escort car model...look at what the US got in 1981 and what Germany got.