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Re: Fixed Wireless

- Is it reliable and what is typically involved in setup
Yes, depending on your location. A fixed wireless router is required. Setup is similar to DSL/Cable.
- Anyone in the forum currently uses this and how it stacks up against Mobile Broadband and DSL
Higher quality than Mobile Broadband, but DSL/Cable are inherently more stable as they are wired VS. most any type of wireless.
- What is the typical bandwidth / latency of such technology
Ex. 4G latency averages 100ms roundtrip, 3G latency averages 250-350 ms roundtrip.
- Can you use MS Lync, play first person shooters, stream Netflix, etc.
Again, location location.
- If anyone lives close to Mineral, VA are there any providers?

In my opinion 3G/4G fixed wireless is a better option for redundancy/fail-over on an existing wired connection, primarily because of bandwidth usage caps. However, if there's nothing else available, fixed wireless is usually less costly than a T1. Although T1s offer truly unlimited bandwidth and superior quality.

If you happen to be in an area where line-of-sight wireless is available, that is a completely viable option as your single Internet connection (with perhaps a low cost wired line for redundancy).

But those are my assessments for a business. For residential, you're probably looking for bottom line low cost options..?