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Lockport, IL
reply to KoRnGtL15

Re: New monitor advice.

said by KoRnGtL15:

Yeah the size don't matter. Its the resolution he is moving up to that is a MAJOR problem if he games. A better card is needed or he will be extremely disappointed when trying to run games at 1080p with decent settings. OP should list systems specs for we can tell you if 1080p gaming is worth it on said system. You need a decent cpu and ram as well. Which we have no idea what they have.

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition @ 4ghz 3 cores
Gigabyte ma785gm-us2h
750gb WD Black Drive (main)
1tb seagate (data)
300gb seagate external firewire
4gb OCZ DDR2
MSI Radeon HD 7750 2gb

I picked up a 23" Acer 1920x1080 native resolution at a b&m store to test fps. It seems half way decent. For essentially $85ish more I can return said monitor/video card pick up another same spec acer new 650watt antec ps and a radeon hd 7850. I think I'm going to go that route.
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