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Re: Cisco Explorer 8640 HDC DVR. Comments?

said by chamberc:

said by ernliz:

Thanks, Chamb... but I'm more interested in the stability of the 8640. The Samsung 3272 is very erratic, slow, whatever. Is the Cisco unit hardware more stable, fast, and reliable? I could care less about Navigator, iGuide, etc....


The problems you are experiencing are not related to your hardware. They are common to the software running on both of them. Navigator is the software. It performs the same on both boxes.

All true,

However, the Cisco's are faster than the Samsungs. You should try to get a Cisco box. My SA-8300HDC still runs good, but have to reboot about once every 30-45 days. Insider told me that the SA boxes and Ciscos can suffer from memory leaks causing the slowness.

What TWC did in my division around 30 days out was simply forced a reboot on its end last time. For those of you with ODN 6.0, have you noticed any slowdowns?