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Carmichaels, PA
reply to m12345s

Re: [Equipment] Sagemcom 1704

I'm also on 12MB. It would take some of the heat off the 1704 but as I stated the reason I moved to the older Linksys router was for coverage as the 1704 just wasn't cutting it.

If your happy with the coverage then just monitor the heat by closeing your cabinet, download a large file and then place your hand on top of the unit when your downloads almost complete and see how hot it is. I've seen many people posting about issues with this modem but not many related to a direct heat issue.


Bolivar, MO
So far the coverage seems ok, since I have it in the center of the house it covers the house fairly well. I did watch a movie on Netflix last night, after I watched it I felt the 1704 and it felt just as warm as it does when I'm downloading nothing, so Im really thinking heat isn't going to be an issue, one thing I notice on Netflix is that it must just download enough of the movie to stay ahead, because the activity light would flash for a little bit, then there would be no activity, then it would download again, then stop again. Not sure if this is Netflix or the router, I assume it's Netflix and probably normal.