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York, SC

Roku on Verizon 3g?

Anyone have any experience using Roku on the Verizon 20gig plan in a 3G area?



Bolivar, MO
Do a speedtest and post what speed your getting, definitely depends on speed, I will say though that a lot of 3G areas are suffering from bad speeds, I know when I had Verizon 3G I was never able to stream anything, but others have had much better speeds.

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Newburg, MD
reply to RobWhisonant
If you are not at least 1Mb/s or higher you are going to have allot of stopping and starting. Set your box to the lowest quality and hope for the best. Also Verizon has started dithering 3G for users that use allot of data during peak hours (over 2GB per month) »community.verizonwireless.com/th ··· d/767724, yes even if you are still on an unlimited plan. They call it Network Optimization and they did it to me. I finally purchased a 4G phone on eBay and had Verizon activate it under my unlimited plan. So far they haven't started throttling 4G and the speeds on both my phone and my Millenicom 4G plan have been great.
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reply to RobWhisonant
if you get 2 mbps you should be good


Kansas City, MO
reply to RobWhisonant
Here is some information that might help, if you lower the bitrate, it would not eat up your limit as fast...

not sure if this works with your model but many people use the roku's hidden data rate menu inside the system hidden menu ( home - 5x , back - 3x, forward - 2x, bit rate override, and you have to re-set it after every firmware update ) ... here is a post that talks about it: »forums.roku.com/viewtopic.php?p= ··· 1#107671

It appears the hulu channel (app) ignores all settings (theirs at »www.hulu.com/profile/settings and the hidden bitrate menu) so I am not sure what to say about hulu, sometimes there is an onscreen quality you could set to low or medium.


York, SC
reply to RobWhisonant
Thanks for the replies. I don't have speed test since I don't have the service yet.

I'm considering getting the Millenicom 20g Verizon package.


FWIW ...

I have a Roku and the Verizon 20g plan. So far, we are doing okay with this plan but we watch our usage carefully. Count on any movie at least 2g used. I watch the occasional Hulu clips, some YouTube, and maybe one movie a week. This is in addition to medium to high Internet usage for other things. No gaming, though.

I do set the vids to SD for the streaming. I believe we are getting mostly 4g but if you have a good, strong 3G signal, based upon what I was doing before with AT&T 3G, you would likely do okay with maybe some buffering.