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Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL
reply to Phill

Re: [KY] Mediacom constantly going down

Since Mediacom has a 90 day money back guarantee I would give this a lot of thought. Mediacom consistently rates worst of the worst for ISP satisfaction. Getting any problem fixed can be an exercise in futility. MediacomChad who resides here can be helpful. However when I asked him for help a few weeks ago he gave me a Tech service date of 2 1/2 weeks in the future.

Maybe some customers think waiting for internet help 2 1/2 weeks is satisfactory service. I do not. I still am plagued with intermittent dropouts with no help in sight. I have tried getting help from the telephone support. After many tries I have never gotten a real live person to talk too. I complained once again to MediacomChad and he said "there is a service issue that we are working on now". Uh huh, I am still waiting for my problems to be fixed after almost a month of frustration.

I have been with Mediacom for a year now. Up until a month ago all was fine. The problem arises when you need service. I have found there is a reason Mediacom has such a low satisfaction score in spite of MediacomChads efforts.

II I had to do it all over again I would have taken Mediacom up on their 90 day guarantee and stayed with DSL. Right now I am contemplating switching back to DSL and take the Mediacom ETF hit. I am getting tired of everyday disconnects with no end in sight.

My advice - If you need service on Mediacom internet be prepared for being patient.

Yeah waiting two and a half weeks to get service done sucks. The problem with Mediacom is they service a lot of tiny places spread over a large area and sometimes you may have 1 tech servicing 3 small towns etc. Sometimes they don't even have a tech in your town on certain dates etc.

Not saying this makes it OK but trying to explain why.
I speak for myself, not my employer.

Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL
said by Anonymous:

Yeah waiting two and a half weeks to get service done sucks.

Not saying this makes it OK but trying to explain why.

It is a chicken and egg thing in my town. Mediacom has such a poor rep for service they have few customers. They can't get more customers unless they improve the service. They can't improve the service because they have so few customers.

I can't imagine waiting 2 1/2 weeks for Mediacom TV service repair or (HORRORS) Mediacom telephone repair. Yet another reason why I would NEVER consider Mediacom for a service I absolutely have to have working....


Fisher, IL
mediacom telephone is for entertainment purposes only its in the TOS...