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Woodbridge, VA
reply to SeanFL

Re: from 35/35 to 75/35 and now slow upload?

said by SeanFL:

yes, ran the optimizer. I'm stuck on 40/5 with pc, mac, android tablet...all that used to get about 43/30 or so wired or wireless.

couple other thoughts: my verizon supplied router is a Westell A90 9100. I feed from the ONT to the router via cat5e (and have for years). Not moca.

One tech suggested they send me a new actiontec router. That'll take a few days and I'm willing to try.

However, I WAS at 35/35 with great speeds before using my current westell...and now I can only get 5 up? Seems odd.

Have my own Asus rt-n56u that I can take and put in and see if that gets me the 75/35 speed.

Any ideas to try?


Try the RT-N56U. I use a couple of those on my network. And with them I have no problem getting 150/70 wirelessly on my laptop from the Verizon speedtest. Almost as fast as the 155/70 I can get from a wired connection on my network from the Verizon speedtest.