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Tarpon Springs, FL
reply to buckweet1980

Re: from 35/35 to 75/35 and now slow upload?

Thank you. agreed that it's not on my end. A tech is coming out this morning to look at or change out my ONT. Hopefully later today I'll be enjoying 75/35.

Frustrating that it sure seems to be a provisioning issue and no one seems to be able to change it over a few days.

But all that said, fios has been flawless for me for years, so a little hiccup and I can't be too upset. Will let you know what ends up happening.



Tarpon Springs, FL
Verizon came out to swap out the ONT. Hooked it all back up, and... same slow speeds. Then within an hour or so it went back to the 35/35 (actual 43 / 30 or so on speed tests).

Today I called to inquire about upgrading to 75/35 and the kind lady talked me into 150/65 for not much more money than I was paying for $35/35 (includes a change to Fios digital voice.)

Monday they'll be back out to swap out my ont and router and get things going. Hope that goes better than this attempted upgrade.


Allen, TX
I had the same experience.. Replacing the ONT didn't fix mine either.. It just made them realize "oh there really is something else provisioned wrong"..

I am back to 75/35 now. I was originally 35/35 then went to the 150 package and now back down.. I was able to downgrade with no issues :P