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"many of you"

Doesnt seem like its going to be a national thing from the phrase "many of you" (ie, not "all of you"). Any idea which area might get excluded?
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I'm near Fort Lauderdale and have had the 25/4 speed for about a month or so.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Re: "many of you"

said by jagged:

I'm near Fort Lauderdale and have had the 25/4 speed for about a month or so.

The 25/4 speed has been the normal Performance/Normal with PowerBoost tier speed for a few years in South Florida, so I'm sad to say but you didn't get any speed increase. You'll see those actual speeds without PowerBoost after the update and if they keep PowerBoost you should see like 35/8.

I just got this notice in South Florida on my cable box messages:

"Exciting News: Increased speeds on the way! XFINITY will soon be increasing internet speeds on its most popular plan and doubling two of its fastest. That's right - The fastest internet and fastest in-home Wi-Fi is about to get even faster."

I just checked and no increase yet. I'm on the Ultra/Blast! tier and get about 36MB Down and 7MB Up. I think that is with PowerBoost enabled. I'm excited for the 50MB upgrade! Anyone get it yet or gotten a better time-frame or notice? I think we should see it on March 1st or soon after?

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